Food Services

Remote Site Catering
& Industrial Catering


Remote Site Catering

As an outgrowth of our core catering abilities to remote sites, PSU has become known as a leader in the industrial catering sector. We present hygienic and balanced meals that are mouthwateringly tasty when served. Whether local or international menu, individual or banquet serving, fried rice or caviar, PSU can deliver to your needs.

International Health & Safety Standards

Within the products, health and quality are essential qualities. PSU is able to deliver to International Health and safety standards, supported by self-owned and self-perated storage, warehousing and distribution centers in Jakarta, Surabaya, Balikpapan and Timika. In addition, food is transported in own refrigerated trucks for total quality control and tracebility. By controlling each step of the supply chain, PSU is able to guarantee and trace the quality of the products at every step.

Whether by sea, land, or air, the Clients can rely on PSU to deliver mission-critical meals to hungry consumers everywhere, on time at quality standard.

Custom Meals & Packaging

PSU’s dieticians and food professionals work closely with clients to create food packages that are nutritious and appealing as well as meeting the clients’ often demanding requirements. Not Only must the food appeal to local tastes and preferences, it must be correctly packaged to handle conditions on the ground, and be delivered on time in accordance with clients’ schedules.

Varied Client Base

PSU is trusted by a wide Varity of clients to deliver urgently needed meals. In addition to remote site clients in the natural resources sector, PSU work with wholesalers and retailers as well as institutions such as hospitals and schools that require a trusted catering supplier.

As such, we have proven ourselves across a variety of sectors. We are equally capable to meet technically stringent packaging for in-flight catering on domestic and international airlines as we are to create health-critical meals with the right nutritional balance for hospital patients.


Facilities Maintenance, Laundry,
Housekeeping and Accommodation
Services, Gardening, Landscaping
and Other Facilities Management


Facility Management

As an additional service, PSU offers total maintenance services for clients, enabling them to concentrate on their core strengths especially in remote sites. This service arising out as a natural extension of the core logistics and catering capabilities, as clients requested PSU to take on more responsibilities based on the track record of staff management and on time delivery.

Integrated support for all non-core needs

Today, clients have the option of outsourcing all facilities management tasks to PSU from operating and handling onsite food outlets, convenience stores, sport and recreation centers, to managing accommodation and offices, routine maintenance tasks including laundry and housekeeping, and landscaping. Besides deploying on-site oversight, PSU also assigns a dedicated client contact to ensure responsive and fast service from its side.

As in all its services, PSU adheres to world class standards of safety and security into all operations. Clients can rest assured that they are in safe, reliable and experiences hands, allowing them to divert valuable resources and energy to focus on their main business activities with PSU there to handle the rest.